Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lungs full of words

Lungs full of words
Couldn’t breathe in any more
Skies full of water
Have swallowed the shore
The dark fills in your mind with haze
That makes you move on groping – out of space
Lungs punched with questions marks
That hurt to hold
Skies punched with stars
And if you squint you’d have a chance
To see the real world though holes
Night flows, and like a homeless dog
Wind howls and licks the silent windows
The words you try to say turn into smoke
No sound comes out but breathless echoes
The sea that gets a premonition
That this night war will end up soon
It shudders, Infinite contractions
Each single one is one wave long
And after so much backward running
Your fears trapped in mirrors or
Masks, smiles and postures on the go
After many dreamless hours
You reach finally the shore

 You silently follow gulls’ traces
Wet clothes and shoes full of sand
The wind finds its home in your hair
You exhale – no words left
Just a glowing sunrise without end.

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