Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lungs full of words

Lungs full of words
Couldn’t breathe in any more
Skies full of water
Have swallowed the shore
The dark fills in your mind with haze
That makes you move on groping – out of space
Lungs punched with questions marks
That hurt to hold
Skies punched with stars
And if you squint you’d have a chance
To see the real world though holes
Night flows, and like a homeless dog
Wind howls and licks the silent windows
The words you try to say turn into smoke
No sound comes out but breathless echoes
The sea that gets a premonition
That this night war will end up soon
It shudders, Infinite contractions
Each single one is one wave long
And after so much backward running
Your fears trapped in mirrors or
Masks, smiles and postures on the go
After many dreamless hours
You reach finally the shore

 You silently follow gulls’ traces
Wet clothes and shoes full of sand
The wind finds its home in your hair
You exhale – no words left
Just a glowing sunrise without end.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cinemagraph experience

Nobody is any longer surprised by an old gif image, so popular in banners, some profile pix. However, Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg managed to take the simple gif principle to a new – artistic- level, a result of their collaboration called ’cinemagraph’, which is practically, a static photograph with some moving elements in it.
I felt really enthusiastic about this great idea (not only me, obviously, I’m pretty sure you will find more examples in the web) and decided to try my hand at it.
So, that’s my first try, a summer cinemagraph.
Time stops when you look at the sea…


Friday, July 15, 2011

sketches & flashbacks

So, here it is, a memory. First so vivid, you can almost touch it.
City’s buzzing and hustle and bustle die away. Warm photo filter on.

Each time a lonely fast car races past the window deep in the night, I wonder what´s the driver’s story. If he’s going back from a party or hurries to someone, or just likes night and speed. I will never know. The memory of the car racing by fades away.
Even that vivid memory does. A full 3-d picture with its words, looks and smells gradually turns into a sketchy drawing. A sketch preserving just most essential lines and points are much easier to zip. The memory is stored away and then pushed back by the new fresh ones to ever farther corners of one’s (sub)conscious.
And then you pass that very building, those very windows and – flash! – here they are. Nice trick, show me some more... All right, she was wearing a black shirt. Or was is a blue top? It was around midnight I think. Or? Was it warm? Logically, not. Logically? What did he say? I don’t.... remember.


We can never RELIVE memories. The mind tries to trick us each time someone takes up this risky enterprise. It fills in the sketch on it’s own, with its colours, emotions, and voices, slipping us its own ‘reproduction’. Some details, the ones we paid attention to in that very moment turn into a kind of mental hooks which the mind resorts to when unzipping a memory.
There are just a few, lived so vividly, whose memories have so many ‘hooks’ that they dig deeply inside and you say ‘it’s like it was just yesterday’.

…“Remember we were on our way back from Sagrada Familia? You said you always wanted to take a picture here”. “Hmm”, you nod smiling at the memory creeping in and unfolding.


Sunday, May 22, 2011